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The Secret Weapon of Aging? It doesn’t come in a jar. « Kimmis Chair

The Secret Weapon of Aging? It doesn’t come in a jar.

20140223_Kim-O-Sedona_2325Young at Heart is the Secret Weapon of Aging

As I am rounding the corner of my Birthday, instead of the ritualistic groveling one often does about another year, I decided to celebrate my youthfulness.  I am often mistaken for being at least 10 years younger than I am.   Trust me, my intention is far from any resemblance of bragging, for I am convinced it has much more to do with my interior mindset played out externally than anything else.  Yes, I can be seen in side ponytails and braids, maybe a cute clip to hold back my bangs, and sweet flowery dresses that twirl.  But, it is because I actually do twirl and skip in this attire that has everything to do with my biological clock appearing to tick slower.

I asked a close friend of mine, who happens to be male and 17 years younger than me, his thoughts on why everyone thinks I am younger than I am.  He said, “you haven’t given up.”  Hmmm.  Okay, I’ll take it.  And translate it how I like.  Its true, I have not given up on living.  I strive to eat well, stay in shape, exercise my mind, and live presently and mindfully.  I get up early usually with a smile, and if not, I do something that would create one.  A hike in nature, listen to a favorite song or audio book, put a dress on, don a little make-up, and look forward to trying to make someone’s day.  I am human, and have my moments.  It is here where I receive the gift of friendship by reaching out for support.  Not to complain, but to be reminded by a kindred who I am and why we do this thing called life.

I reflect on the people I enjoy being around most.  They range from 3-80.  They are either young, or young at heart.  They play games with me.  Laugh at the little things and laugh at themselves.  Some will lick the dessert plate with me.  We are curious.  We try new things.  We talk about our passions.  Caring for each other and the planet makes us stimulated and interesting human beings.  To not care is boring.  There is a lightness to us.  We don’t let the world and its drama take us down.  We don’t live in and replay the miseries of our past.  We are not self-driven.  We are other oriented, usually wanting to bring good cheer.  This list could continue and continue.

If I had to boil down youthfulness to one thing, I might have to say, a person who celebrates oneself while celebrating life.  Tempted to replace “celebrate” with the word “acceptance”, I kept “celebrate” for it connotes enthusiasm.

Put the expensive anti-aging creams away.  Stop complaining.  Recite abundance rather than lack.  See possibility rather than blocks.  Wonder like a child.  Imagine like a dreamer.  Twirl in a dress.  Dance.  Who cares what people think anymore, its so boring and old.  Be you, fully and confidently.  Put on a smile.

Sunshine & Smiles!