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The Greatness Gauge « Kimmis Chair

The Greatness Gauge


How it Works…

1. Which image depicts how you feel about your internal self most of the time. Use Bold Truth! (We all have moments where we slip lower or jump higher, but these are just visiting hours and are not where we live.)

2. Recognize that this is the amount of Greatness yourself, your family, friends, mate, and co-workers are experiencing from you. You cannot hide this, your belief about yourself permeates your being in every way.

3. Accept your current state with kindness and patience

4. Commit to wanting to achieve a “10” status, your Greatest self

5. Be willing to Release guilt, shame, and hurt, adjust your Attitude, make Decisions, and receive Support to start moving toward embracing your Greatest Self!

The Greatness Gauge was born out of trying to understand myself and how and why my life was unfolding as it was. When I took responsibility for my life, gone was the realization that life happened to me, I was the actual creator. Even the men I married, and subsequently dated, were a direct result of how I felt about myself.

Being and living in the 9 / 10 region is truly bliss. I choose better. I am mindful. The words on the right side of the gauge resonate with who I am and how I live. It is AWESOME! I still have struggles, and can slip and fall, but those times are very brief, and most importantly, they do not change how I feel about myself. I stay in my Greatness! You can too!

2 Responses to "The Greatness Gauge"
  • September 10, 2014

    Very inspiring! It’s great to see people such yourself help others by sharing their life experience and making a difference in the effort if “it’s possible”. Because it is!!!

    • September 18, 2014
      Kimmi O'Rear


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