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My Mentors « Kimmis Chair

My Mentors

These are a list of MY MENTORS, the authors and souls that inspired and helped facilitate my growth. I highly recommend their works.


For Anyone on their Journey to Self-Love and Awareness:

Don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements”a must read for every single person alive, my modern Bible

Thich Nhat Hanh “True Love” – he has the gentlest spirit, read him when you need encouragement with a warm hug

Louise L. Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” – Wow, packed with essential wisdom for healing your physical and emotional life

Wayne Dyer “Being in Balance” – major enlightenment in how to achieve balance

Michael Singer “The Untethered Soul” – Wow, how to handle the constant voice in our head


For the Super Serious, these go Deep, so I recommend the above folks first:

Deepak Chopra “Soul Solutions” – wise and enlightening

Eckhart Tolle “The New Earth” – get ready to stare straight into truth, very deep and revealing

Caroline Myss “Energetic Anatomy” – hold onto your hats…WOW! my favorite and most life affirming and transforming


Online Mentors that inspire me everyday:

Mastin Kip thedailylove.com Thoughtful, inspiring, and incredibly loving.  I love this man and his gift to the world.

Marie Forleo marieforleo.com Successful business with love as the main ingredient. Love her energy and spirit.

Tony Robbins tonyrobbins.com The original Life Coach. His guidance is timeless and progressive. He’s awesome!

Sunny Dawn Johnston sunnydawnjohnston.com Her name says it all. Gentle, loving speaker, author, intuitive of truth and love.