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The Compatibility Compass « Kimmis Chair

The Compatibility Compass


1. It displays the Compatibility Areas for Relationship.

2. Determine how much compatibility you require in each area in order to achieve a fulfilling relationship for you? (1 being low importance, 10 being high importance)

3. Living your Greatest self will make this process extremely easy. If you find yourself unable to make any determinations in compatibility, you are not living in your greatness, are willing to settle, your relationships will reflect this uncertainty, and not be fulfilling.

“Differences are exciting in the beginning. Similarities create longevity,” Wesly Fuequay. In a society filled with broken relationships and broken hearts, the Greatness Gauge combined with the Compatibility Compass helped me make sense of the disappointment and why.

Exhausted and disenchanted by the pattern of unfulfilling relationships continuing to plague my life, I decided to dig deep and change.

Not living in my Greatness caused me to settle in every single area of compatibility. The result: unfulfillment, disagreements, misunderstandings, discontent, struggles, self-doubt, etc.

Shifting from Craziness to Clarity meant taking full responsibility for the men I chose. Ouch, this stings, but it is well worth it. As I continued to move up the Greatness Gauge scale with fierce determination for the relentless pursuit of my growth, my compatibility requirements also increased. Wow, I was finally in control of my own experience and not stuck in an unfulfilling relationship!

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