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Be Mentored – Be Freaking Irresistible « Kimmis Chair

Be Mentored – Be Freaking Irresistible



– dating and the same stupid results

– the merry go-round, over and over and over

– why is this so hard







Do not believe societies Big Fat Lie!


– self-loathing to SELF-LOVE

– craziness to CLARITY

– releasing to UNLEASHing

– desperation to FULFILLMENT

is painfully confronting before
it can be joyfully exhilarating…..
this is why the masses stay STUCK:(


1. Support

2. Guidance

3. Someone to Emulate

Mentoring hits all 3 of these in the best possible way to confront the daunting, arduous task of transforming your
frustrating existence to a Vibrant, Healthy, Whole one.

I have traversed this rugged path. I have lived in the depths of self-loathing and suicidal tendencies, and declared ENOUGH! I am HERE, in my Magnificence now!

I believe in YOU!





“5 minutes with Kimmi was worth more than years of therapy.”  Felecia

“I need to pay you more.”  Alda

“I feel confident and whole, thanks!”  Wendell

and many more…


$1 a minute / $15 minimum    paypal-button-image

We meet, text, call, video chat, or email. Whatever works and gives you the most support and encouragement.



I am thrilled beyond words you are even reading this page! Even that is a step in Self-Love and true Fulfillment!

smiles and love